logo quadrato CPR giuntiEdilizia Servizi srl CPREGIUNTI was founded in the mid-90s as the first manufacturer in Italy joints structure for civil and, to date, has a complete range of products of their own design and manufacture, plus the exclusive products of the best existing accessories in the national and international market.

Over the years, Edilizia Servizi srl CPRGIUNTI, has been able to evolve and respond to the needs of the market and, more importantly, was able to offer its customers, in addition to the wide range of products, efficient technical assistance, the result of many years of its staff, which is highly popular with customers using that by designers.

The company’s internationalization has meant that the products of Edilizia Servizi srl CPRGIUNTI are well known and appreciated in many countries in Europe and worldwide and the company is today, particularly to its projected growth in emerging markets.